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Caring, creativity and connectedness continues

The COVID-19 pandemic is the calamity of our times.

At Melbourne Grammar School, the safety, health and welfare of our students, staff and parents remains our highest priority, together with those in the broader community. We are also committed to continuing to provide our students with an age and stage appropriate learning program, regardless of the circumstances in which we find ourselves.

We ask all School community members show compassion and kindness towards those nearby as well as others in our society, while also caring for their own health. We want community members to be creative in how they approach the challenges before them, recognising that, for the moment, some change is inevitable. And we ask people to proactively remain connected to others in the community, and to the School recognising that social distancing is only a physical construct.

Latest Update

Update, 8 October 2020

In this Update, Headmaster, Mr Philip Grutzner, highlights the importance of setting rules and boundaries for young people. He acknowledges the difficulties of living under COVID-19 ‘rules’ and looks to the future with hope. Mr Grutzner also expresses his delight about welcoming students in Prep – Year 7 and Years 11 and 12 back onto campus next week. (Students in Years 8 – 10 will return on Monday 26 October.) Information about a reflection by the Senior Chaplain is also included.

What you need to know

Updated 8 October 2020

  • In response to the Victorian State Government’s announcements regarding COVID-19 restrictions, the following arrangements will apply at Melbourne Grammar School, subject to further advice from the Chief Health Officer:
    • Year 11 and 12 students will attend on-site for essential assessments during Monday 5 October to Friday 9 October.
    • From Monday 12 October, students in Prep to Year 7 and in Years 11 and 12 will return to on-campus learning. Off-campus learning will continue for all students in Years 8 to Year 10.
    • Students in Years 8 to Year 10 will return to on-campus learning on Monday 26 October.
  • In line with direction from the Victorian Government, all people aged 12 years and older must wear an appropriate face covering while on a School campus. Teachers can choose to remove their face covering while teaching.
  • The School will provide supervision for children of medical and emergency services personnel who are operating at the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as Children at Risk in line with the dates for the students to return to on-campus learning, as outlined above.
  • The safety, health and welfare of members of the Melbourne Grammar School community, and those beyond continues to be our highest concern. 


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