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Health and wellbeing

Here you’ll find resources which are aimed at helping students, staff and other members of the community take care of themselves and each other. The list will be updated on a regular basis.

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Counselling and Psychological Services contacts

Melbourne Grammar School's Counselling and Psychological Service is available to all students.

Be kind to yourself: practice self-compassion

Barbara Jones, Head of Counselling and Psychological Services, outlines a set of strategies for dealing with Lockdown 2.0. In particular, she provides advice about how self-compassion might help. This involves making time to check in with how you are feeling, remembering that you’re not alone in how you feel and treating yourself the same way you would treat a good friend.

Helping children transition back to school in the COVID-19 era

This helpful resource prepared by the Australian Psychological Association provides parents and carers with a range of useful strategies for assisting their child to cope with the transition back to on-campus learning.

Transition back to school: How will I cope?

Barbara Jones, Head of Counselling and Psychological Services, has written an excellent article which provides students with advice and strategies for dealing with the next upcoming change in their lives – returning to on-campus learning.

Podcast Recommendation: ‘Parenting in a Pandemic’

We recommend this podcast for parents. It has been created by Professor Matthew Sanders, the founder of the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program.

Suggested nutrition and exercise parameters for adolescents

This resource draws together information from robust sources about aspects of healthy habits for adolescents.

COVID-19: Coping with the grief and loss associated with change and isolation

Head of Counselling and Psychological Services, Barbara Jones, discusses the stages of grief some of us might be feeling at present, and offers strategies for those not coping well.

Books about COVID-19 suitable for young children

A list of free books about the COVID-19 health crisis that are suitable for young children.

Useful online resources relating to mental health and COVID-19

Check out these online resources and apps focusing on dealing with anxiety relating to COVID-19. An additional resource was added to the list on 22 April 2020.

Reliable resources on COVID-19 for parents

Published by The Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, this resource provides coronavirus information for families, strategies to keep children engaged, hygiene tips and more.

Strategies for coping with unease about COVID-19

Barbara Jones, Head of Counselling and Psychological Services at Melbourne Grammar School, outlines some simple actions we can all take to address our unease about COVID-19. She also provides tips about how to discuss the matter with children and adolescents.

Off-Campus Learning

This page provides a list of resources for students and parents designed to assist with off-campus learning.

Health and Wellbeing

This section includes resources which are aimed at helping students, staff and other members of the community take care of themselves and each other.  

Top Five

Here you'd find some ideas to make you smile, move, sing, cook, exercise, learn and more.  Five ideas on diverse topics, and more to come. Enjoy!

Faith and Spirituality

Ideas about how faith and spirituality can support you in these troubling times can be found here.