Cyber safety resources

With many students experiencing a higher level of screen time at present, it is important to ensure that this time is well managed and undertaken safely.

The introduction to cyber safety begins early at Melbourne Grammar School and, once students begin using digital devices on a regular basis, they participate in age appropriate cyber safety programs on an ongoing basis.

A cyber safety program aimed at Senior School students (and parents) is now available on Canvas at  The course will focus on various issues related to the following online activities: cyberbullying and the law; online image and public information; the (deliberate) pull of social media; excessive gaming and internet use. It should take no more than 20 minutes to complete.

To complement their existing knowledge, Grimwade House students might also enjoy Interland. This is an online game focusing on digital safety and citizenship. Here, kids will help their fellow Internauts combat the badly behaved hackers, phishers, oversharers and bullies by practicing the skills they need to be good digital citizens.

In addition, we recommend the following resources for parents interested in learning more about cyber safety for their children:

Australia’s eSafety Commissioner’s website is a great resource for parents focused on providing the most up to date material about maintaining online safety.

The Common Sense Media website is a great resource for parents who are concerned and need advice on many digital issues such as screen time, technology addiction, social networking, cyber safety, games, films, books and mobile phones to name a few.

Family Zone is a product that can help manage screen time, limit gaming, filter internet sites, limit social media, set bed and study times and manage in-app purchases.

Their Family Zone Box creates a new filtered WIFI network just for the kids to access. With Family Zone, you can tap into an exclusive brains trust: a renowned team of child psychologists, educators and law enforcement professionals who are specialists in the online world and its impact on our children.

You may also care to view the Google Digital Wellbeing Family Guide which provides families with a conversation guide to help you tackle the tough tech questions and navigate the digital world as a family.