Parent Update, 4 June 2020

Welcome to my Week 8 Update.

Expressing gratitude

Whilst recently stuck in traffic I read a bumper sticker “If you can read this thank a Primary School teacher” I am sure we are all very grateful for the work of our Primary School teachers who taught us to read, write, add up and, most importantly, think. They toiled for many hours and their combined interaction with us each week was often far greater than the time we spent with our parents.

I am even more grateful for the outstanding work of our teachers across all year levels at Melbourne Grammar School over the past few months, who were under new and significant pressure to support off-campus learning and, ultimately, delivered an excellent program. Thank you also to the parents who supported this learning program at home. I, and our teachers, appreciate all you have done.

Robust research tells us gratitude accounts for a significant part of our wellbeing. With this knowledge it seems logical that we should be ever mindful of the opportunity to express gratitude. Yet there are moments in life when we find a heightened sense of gratitude due to external circumstances. In the context of current world events, I found myself even more appreciative as I reflect on the safe, successful and happy return of our students in Prep and Years 1, 2, 11 and 12 last week and as I look forward to welcoming our students in Years 3 to 10 back onto campus next week. 

This week specific details about the return to on-campus learning will be provided in an email from the relevant Head of Campus.

The following video features a cross-section of our School community who express their gratitude to those who have supported them during the off-campus learning program.

Supporting the transition back to on-campus learning

In addition to the excellent article written by Barbara Jones, Head of Counselling and Psychological Services, titled Transition back to school: How will I cope? available here, the Australian Psychological Association has created a helpful resource titled Helping children transition back to school in the COVID-19 era – advice for parents and carers. This item is available here.

Both resources provide helpful advice for parents and coping strategies for students dealing with the next upcoming change in their lives – returning to on-campus learning and I encourage parents to read each of them highlighting relevant aspects to their children.

With my warmest wishes,

Philip Grutzner