Preparing for off-campus learning


These will be used to inform you of the expectations for the day or week.


Canvas Assignments will be used to notify you of work and due dates for that work. You will not necessarily submit all your work through Canvas, but at the very least teachers will be creating assignments with due dates.

Presentation of course resources in Canvas

We are aiming to make it as logical and obvious to you how to access the resources you need and keep on top of your work. Most teachers will be using a Canvas Module to present a unit of work, which will consist of files, external links, Canvas pages, media and assignments. Of course, some subjects have a different way of presenting their material on Canvas that you may be used to – this is fine. It is not expected that this approach is abandoned as it will have cause confusion. Some of you may be in classes where other tools are being used – and have been used over time – effectively (such as OneNote).

If you feel the way the course has been set up is not intuitive or easy to use, please let your teacher know and offer a helpful suggestion on what you or the class think would work better.

Readiness for online learning

It’s important that you have your device set up in way that will make it easier and efficient for you when access materials and keeping in contact with the school.

You can access instructions for setting up your various devices and using MyMGS and Canvas in this Canvas course:

It includes:

  • Adding School Email and Calendars to your device
  • Adding the Canvas Calendar to your device
  • Setting up the Canvas app on your device
  • Using Canvas and MyMGS
  • Using Office 365
  • Installing Adobe Creative Cloud on your Devices
  • How to submit handwritten work through Canvas