This website is not currently being updated as at October 2020

Share your Stories

Social distancing relates to physical space, not social interactions. We encourage all members of the community to be creative in the ways they connect to people at present. Here, we provide just a few ways that members of the Melbourne Grammar School community can connect with the School and with each other.

Submit a Top Five

Top Five lists offer families some ideas for making the most of their time together, perhaps by trying something news.

If you have a list of five ideas which would make someone smile, move, sing, cook, exercise, learn, or just simply enjoy life at home, please email us at

Connect with the community

We’d love to hear about your off-campus learning experience, random acts of kindness, clever ways of connecting to others, and more. And we’re sure other members of the Melbourne Grammar School community would like to hear them as well.

If you have a photo, a story or anything else you’d like to share with the Melbourne Grammar School community please send it to us at