Student reflections on off-campus learning

Two Wadhurst student leaders present their views on the shift to off-campus learning.

From Hirunaka Ekanayake, Captain of Wadhurst

Hirunaka Ekanayake, Captain of Wadhurst

Online learning has been a new experience for us all. Though the idea was vaguely looming ahead of us, we would never have thought that within a few days’ notice, all of us would be thrust into online learning.

An immense change and adaptation were expected within such a short time, yet from what I am hearing, my peers overcame, adapted and conquered this change extremely well. Almost all of my experiences so far with online learning have been positive. It is a swift, reliable and an easy way of learning during this time of crisis.

Hands down my favourite part is the fact that we are independent, and it is our responsibility to complete the work assigned. We are in charge of own our learning and every boy has taken that responsibility on in a great way! And we can’t forget that the sooner we complete our assigned tasks, the more time we have for other homework and some time for relaxation and entertainment.

Therefore, online learning has instilled a sense of independence, responsibility and discipline in students.

Sure, lots of mistakes, problems or bad times, as expected, but it is our job to keep our heads above the rising waters. A challenge has been the absence of the company of my friends. I miss the times where we used to play cricket on the oval or chat about our day. We can still keep in touch and chat through electronics as there will definitely be a day where we will meet again.

I believe these difficult times have given us an opportunity to look into ourselves, to realise our mistakes and also to realise how we’ve taken the simple beauty of human touch and connectivity for granted.

So, let’s keep striving through and continuing the great work as we will overcome this challenge together while staying united.

From Hunter Holmes, Deputy Captain of Wadhurst

Hunter Holmes, Deputy Captain of Wadhurst

As the final week of Term I approached, we were sent off-campus to continue our learning online at home. The system was new for all of us, and it came with many new challenges. As a Melbourne Grammar community, we managed to surpass these problems. The thought of online learning was distant only weeks before it came, although with the quick-thinking ability of our staff and the students willing to collaborate, the week was a resultant success and everyone that I have spoken to agrees.

Whilst the circumstances were not ideal, online learning taught me and many other boys valuable life skills, such as independence, self-discipline and a different form of communication that we are not exposed to in the normal school environment. Additionally, ‘our new normal’ provided us with the advantage of having much needed sleep-ins as well as some extra free time at the end of the day. All in all, it was a successful final week of the term and I think this is testament to the Melbourne Grammar community, spirit of team and commitment to strive in all of us.