Tuition Fees – Term II 2020

It is an understatement to say we are living through extraordinary and challenging times. Our School community is rising to the challenge, and we are proud of the way in which our staff, with the support of our students and families, are adjusting and mobilising our educational offering to an off-campus learning model in such a short time.

So far, the response from our students and families has been positive and we are grateful for the collaboration and understanding that everyone has demonstrated.

As you know, the Headmaster advised parents on 2 April 2020 that the School will continue to deliver an off-campus learning model into Term II, from Prep to Year 12.

As we look further ahead, the timing of resumption of our normal face to face teaching, learning and boarding operations and full range of co-curricular activities, remains uncertain. Our day to day operations will doubtless return to the way they were. What is unknown, is precisely when that will happen.

The School Council and the Executive Team have been working hard to ensure the School remains on a sustainable financial footing. However, we are faced with a rapidly changing situation, with uncertain duration and impact on our operations. A special sub-Committee of Council, which includes the Headmaster and Director of Finance & Administration, has been convened to support the School’s response to this situation.

Over the long and proud history of our School, the generosity of our many donors and benefactors, small and large, and the good financial management delivered by all previous executive teams and School Councils, means the School is well placed to face the challenges ahead. That being said, our aim is to continue to provide the best quality education for our students, under whatever circumstances are presented, ensure we can retain our remarkable teaching and general staff, and have the capacity to return quickly to normal operations, when that is possible.

As well as the impact the COVID-19 pandemic is having on our community’s health, we are mindful that it is also hitting hard global and domestic economies, stock markets, businesses and livelihoods, which in turn will impact on many of our families’ financial circumstances.

Further, we are mindful that the off-campus learning model is a very different offering to the traditional campus-based model, with its multiple interactions and co-curricular components.

In recognition of all of these factors and after thorough consideration, School Council wishes to advise that the following rebates will be applied to Tuition Fees for Term II, 2020:

Grimwade House (Prep to Year 6)
A 25% reduction in the tuition fee that would normally be paid after allowing for any existing scholarship, bursary or concession support.

Wadhurst and Senior School (Year 7 to 12)
A 15% reduction in the tuition fee that would normally be paid after allowing for any existing scholarship, bursary or concession support.

Boarding fees will not be charged while the Boarding House remains closed.

Fees for the remaining 2020 School Terms will be reviewed with consideration given to all prevailing circumstances at the time. You will be kept well informed.

There are a significant number of students who currently receive a level of financial support through Scholarships and Bursaries that enable them to attend our School. They are valuable members of our community and their existing levels of support will be maintained.

For families who may be immediately and severely impacted by the financial fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, additional support may be sought through application to the Office of the Director of Finance & Administration. Evaluation will include means testing and other formal financial assessment parameters as appropriate.

As you know, School fees do not of themselves cover the full cost of an education at Melbourne Grammar School. Our capacity to provide our infrastructure, buildings, means tested bursaries and educational programmes has been enormously assisted by the many donors from our community of Old Melburnians and current and former parents, whose continued support and benefaction has afforded our School the financial wherewithal to do so. For this we are deeply grateful.

In coming to these decisions, the School Council and Executive Team have taken a balanced approach, recognising the substantial commitment made by families to send their children to Melbourne Grammar School, as well as the times we are living through and the uncertainties that lie ahead.

Next week you will receive your Term II Fee Statement reflecting the adjusted Fees as outlined above. If you have any queries or wish to discuss the need for further financial support, please contact the Director of Finance & Administration, John Jesson, on +61 3 9865 7538, or

We are sincerely grateful for your support, understanding and cooperation during these difficult times.

Michael Bartlett
Chairman of Council

Philip Grutzner