Update, 23 March 2020

Dear Parents, Staff and Year 7 – 12 students,

Congratulations to those students and teachers involved in off campus learning today, and to the parents who facilitated this. My understanding is that, despite the occasional small glitch, it has been a successful day. This could have only occurred with everyone demonstrating patience, cooperation and a shared sense of purpose. We will take what we have learnt from today and seek to improve the experience tomorrow, and beyond.

I have received a number of queries about today’s State government announcement that school holidays have been brought forward for students at government schools. I can advise that it is our intention that our off campus learning program will continue for remainder of this week as planned, concluding at the end of the school day on Friday 27 March, at which time school holidays for Melbourne Grammar School will commence. We look forward to all students participating in the off campus learning program until Friday.

We will also continue to support healthcare providers operating at the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic and emergency service personnel by caring for their children at the School, as previously arranged. I should add that we have received many positive messages about this initiative, both from medical and emergency service workers, but also from other parents. I continue to be buoyed by the community mindedness shown throughout the Melbourne Grammar School community. It certainly bodes well for the future.

Again, thank you for your ongoing support and understanding.

Philip Grutzner