Update, 27 August

In this update:

Time is precious – a reflection by the Headmaster

Student performance by talented cellist, Edward Dong, Year 12

Community Speaker Series recording – a link to the recent presentation by Stan Grant

Time is precious

Thank you for the amazing job you are doing. The staff and I appreciate the challenges so many of you are currently facing. Most of you are working from home, and a significant number will be feeling the pressure of work and running the household and worrying about contracting the virus, uncertainties about job security and the economy, feeling the monotony and frustration of having to endure a second lockdown and being frustrated by the limits on travel, exercise and time out of house. The support, calmness and love you are showing to your family members is important. Your sons and daughters tell our staff how much they appreciate your support and that of our School.  

But the pressures of living so closely as a family for so long is not easy, more so for the second period of lockdown. I appreciate the tiredness after a long day at the home or office. Collapsing in front of the television is tempting when compared with advising on homework, getting the bath run, helping with dinner, reading Goldilocks for the fourth time, mediating the sibling argument or getting a teenager off their mobile phone. The witching hour before bed can test our patience to the limit. It is a time when children have to see us at our best as parents.

At those moments of frustration, when our patience is tested to the limit, try to remember our very short time as parents should also be treasured. As the parent of two daughters, Emily, who is in London completing her law degree and, Isabella, who is in lockdown in a house with University friends, time goes fast. I will never be able to relive those special moments at home of hearing the first word, watching the first steps, helping them learn how to read, ride a bike, fly a kite, or just be. Although sadly it is hypothetical, in a flash I would put up with all those challenges of lockdown with all of my family, for the benefits of banter, dinner conversations and a daily routine with our children. I wish I could see them, hug them and tell them, in person, how much I love them.

As we countdown the next 17 days until 13 September when Stage 4 restrictions should end, I hope you meet the challenges, but also appreciate the extra quality and quantity time with your children. Because before you know it, the years will skip by and you too will be waving from your driveway as your children drive away to their new home with your best wishes, hope and maybe a tear of sadness because they might not return.

Student performance

One of our talented student musicians currently performs each week during the online Chapel Service held for Senior School students.

I thought your family might enjoy this wonderful performance of Bach Cello Suite No.1 Sarabande by Edward Dong, Year 12.

Community Speaker Series recording

We have received a number of enquiries about the possibility of viewing our recent Community Speaker Series presentation by media host, Stan Grant, which occurred virtually on Wednesday 19 August 2020.

Stan reflected knowledgeably about current threats to liberal democracies and spoke to the question ‘Who are we?’ as a nation in a compelling manner.

Stan has kindly allowed us to share the recording of the event. However, both Stan and the School believe it to be appropriate to limit access to members of our immediate School community. Accordingly, people with the capacity to login to myMGS can view the presentation here.

I am sure you will enjoy the presentation, if you have not already seen it.

With my very best wishes

Philip Grutzner